Not me, I have an alibi!

This time I know for a fact the cat did it. I wasn’t in the house at the time so it can’t have been me.  What’s the hullaballoo?  What indeed – someone stole a sausage!

20130725_190820Apparently my mum cooked six sausages, ate three and left the rest in the dish on the kitchen worktop overnight.  This morning there’s only two bangers – someone had snaffled a sausage.  This discovery was made after I’d been brought back from an overnight stay at bootcamp so I was the prime suspect, as usual, followed by the Irish aunt (who is partial to sampling things my mum cooks).

But then the Irish aunt absolved me by saying there were only TWO sausages when she was in the kitchen so it couldn’t have been me.  Phew, off the hook.

By deduction, it could only have been a cat.  Cleo hardly comes downstairs so my money is on Marley, a sausage thief if ever I saw one, bit fat puss that he is.  Thing was, there was no mess, not a squidge of sausage out of the dish or on the floor, and he is a very messy eater.  So could it have been Cleo?

The only thing that matters is that I’m in the clear with a perfect alibi.

Now, what’s for tea?  Can I smell sausages?


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