We’ve been on holiday

Back from a lovely trip to Scotland to see my Aunty Avril and my four-legged relatives again.  I get to ride in the back seat of the car – fastened down, mind – when we go on a longer trip so I can see everything as we drive.

I had a wonderful time – three walks one day! – and my mum says I was thoroughly spoilt.

This is me in the car with my mum then out and about in the woodlands. In the car with my mum In the woodland Lots to exploreMy Aunty Avril believes in dogs getting lots of treats and I was allowed to sleep in my mum’s bedroom – no way is this tolerated at home! – so I could sneak up and snuggle in to her while she was asleep.  And all thw while those pesky cats were home alone!

This is me having a happy time with Ben, and treat-time!

IMG_2253 IMG_2262


We didn’t get home without trauma, however.  My mum took a detour to have the car washed and I was petrified – jumped right over into the passenger seat even though I was fastened to the seatbelt in the back!  My mum said I was a wuss.  That’s not fair – she knows I don’t like water from a hose!


One thought on “We’ve been on holiday

  1. Wow, Scotland! How exciting! I, myself, do not like the car so I can’t even imagine going on a road trip, let alone through a car wash. You are a brave pup!

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