Changed my mind – I LOVE Christmas!

P1090972 What a wonderful Christmas Day we all had – long lie-in, goose liver for breakfast (had to share with felines, unfortunately), doggy treats throughout the day and guests to fuss me. Then there was the fabulous present from the Irish Aunt and sprog – a doggy wrap for drying me off after the beach. My mum, who didn’t buy me anything, laughed and said I looked like a boxer!  I’m not a boxer, I told her, I’m a springer spaniel (English)!  A boxer – a fighter – about to go in the ring, wrapped in a personalised robe.  Oh, I understand now…Surf Dog it says – yep, that’s me right enough, surfing spaniel superieur.

I had to model it yesterday, of course, but today we used it for real.  I got really muddy on the playing fields with IA and sprog so it was a hose-down in the yard before I was allowed in the house.  Not just in the house but in the sitting room where I’m usually dog non grata while wet.

WP_20141226_002 WP_20141226_003


IMG_2500It was very cosy and I had a fabulous sleep while it absorbed the water.  Then my mum unwrapped me and hung it to dry for tomorrow.



I’m sure those cats are real jealous, not that you can tell from the disdainful looks on their faces – or is that cos they’re wearing bows? IMG_2498


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