Surf dude!

It’s kinda frosty here just now but that’s no problem to a tough dude like me.  It’s been around -5c on the beach but the sun has been shining and it feels much warmer, especially as there’s no wind.  If there’s wind my mum hates it because it blows her about and she gets sand in her contact lenses which is a nightmare for her.

P1100010P1100004She told me not to go in the water but there was lovely creamy foam so what’s a surf dog like me to do but have a splash and throw up the froth?

My mum had thoughtfully taken my new wrap down to the beach so that I could be cosy and drying off on the way home.  When you’re drenched you don’t mind your tail being manhandled through the back end at all.  Mmm, I love my surf wrap.



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