But the gate was closed…

…so how could I possibly get in?  Standing there in the street, unable to get into the house cos the gate was shut, with my mum calling me a fool.  How dare she!  There may have been people going by who might have heard.  She has no respect for me at all.

IMG_0706I’d had a lovely time inspecting the fence and the shrubberies within calling distance of my house but was starting to feel a bit neglected, having been out there about half an hour.  Had she forgotten me?  I gave one loud bark and that made her remember.  You could have knocked me down with a feather when she came out – and called me a fool because I was standing behind the gate.  But it’s closed…how much does a dog have to do for himself?

You jumped over to get there, says mum, so why can’t you jump back? 


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