I am left in charge

Mum went out today for coffee with friends and left me in charge…of the summerhouse!  The sun was shining and it was really warm so she said I could stay outside in the yard but she would leave open the door of the summerhouse in case it got chilly.  It’s June but it can still be a bit cool.  Mum complains on the beach when there’s wind as it cuts the temperature by several degrees.  I don’t notice, of course, being covered in fur. IMG_1532

It stayed lovely and warm but I lay on the rug anyway, just to show I was the boss.  My mum was ages, far longer than it takes to have coffee, so when I heard the car pull up I made a big noise so that she knew I hadn’t been neglecting my duty as yard guard.  I sound quite frightening if you don’t know me; there’s some power in my bark I tell you.  Mum isn’t frightened of course and just tells me to shut up.  Which I think is very ungrateful since I’ve been protecting the property while she gossips and shops the afternoon away.


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