I put the ‘p’ in picnic…

I am in disgrace.  I may never be taken on a picnic again.  Mum prepared lots of lovely food so we could eat al fresco near a favourite pub and I messed up.  Big time.

It didn’t start well because I was so excited that I tugged her out of the car and hurtled towards the pub so fast that she couldn’t keep up and had to let go of my lead.  That’s a no-no.  I’m still head down in embarrassment when we sat down and, with all the stress, had to relieve myself.  NOT against the table she yelled.  Oops, another mistake.

IMG_1560She put the picnic bag down on the grass and started on her drink while I perused the other people and their dogs.  Then it happened – I don’t know what got into me – I raised my leg again and peed against the picnic bag!  She was incandescent, snatched the bag and started yelling how I was a disgrace.  Seems there’s already a ‘p’ in picnic.

There was more.  The bag went straight in the washing machine when we got home but, while she took out the food containers, she forgot about the red paper napkins; they disintegrated in the wash and the bag came out covered in red blobs. I may have to lie low for some time.


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