Another wildlife drama

More wildlife drama when a young herring gull appeared in our yard.  We’re used to them sitting on the chimney pots, flying over the house and squawking 24 hours a day but we have never had one strutting about our yard.  Strut may be a bit of an exaggeration because it was a scared baby which must have taken a leap from a rooftop nest nearby and been unable to summon the courage or momentum to fly out.

Adult herring gull

Adult herring gull

I got a shock, I tell you, big bird like that.  Even though it was a youngster, still with its brown feathers, it was bigger than a pigeon and its parents were screeching overhead so straight away I yelped for my mum.

She’s clever, my mum, knew exactly what to do.  It tried to hide behind plant pots but she cornered it, threw a teatowel over it and lifted it onto the summerhouse roof where it might be less scared and manage to fly.  It spent an hour or so mooching around the roof before the whole family disappeared, presumably to safety.

You would never have know what had happened if it weren’t for loads of poop on the flagstones…


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