The best day of my life

This may just be the best day in my entire life.


Breakfast al fresco then a l-o-n-g walk on the waggonway, rooting about in the undergrowth, berries bursting out all over, a romp in a wheat field, cooling off in a muddy puddle – then, a complete surprise, proper Sunday lunch in the pub.  Oh, it was bliss.  I am such a lucky dog.



We were out for more than three hours in glorious sunshine and when I got home I was bushed; all I needed was sleep.  Complete contrast to yesterday when it rained all day and we were tucked indoors, lights blazing, after a brief foray.  Both of us were dripping wet and I was banished to my bed with my Surf Dog robe until I dried out enough to be allowed on carpet.

P1110216After the puddle my mum threatened she would hose me down when we got home but it was so warm, and such a long time before we got back to the house, that I had dried out completely, the mud had turned to dust and fallen off.

IMG_2691 The pub was wonderful.  Mum was asked ‘would I like beef?’  Would I like beef???  I’ll say, and they brought me a great big dishfull alongside my water bowl.  Mmm, delicious.

Wonder if we will go to the pub for lunch next Sunday?

Lunches at The Fat Ox, Whitley Bay.


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