Cake and visitors, and cheese and…

P1110270What a wonderful morning we’ve just had – cake, visitors, lots of petting and attention.  My mum held a coffee morning fundraiser and made £137 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

There were some gorgeous cakes, biscuits, cheese scones and chocolatey things and I was lucky to get some tasty treats.   Nothing a dog shouldn’t have, mind you, just cake, cheesey bits and shortbread.  P1110258

There’s one of my mum’s friends who absolutely adores me so I made sure I was sitting near her.  It was dry and bright so we were able to sit in the yard in the sunshine.

The cats tried to get in on the act but I was the star of the show with a co-ordinating silk neckerchief.  Afterwards we were exhausted, my mum more than me cos she’d been baking all week, so me and mum had a relaxing afternoon.



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