Nurse Truffle

My mum is poorly with a cold and a queasy tummy and those cats are hopeless so I have stepped in and started nursing her.  First task is to keep her warm in her bed so that she recovers quickly and is able to take me walks and feed me.


After I’d given her a fierce cuddle, she managed to get dressed and take me for a run down our street.  It’s grey and miserable outside (not that I care but she does), so it was a short foray but enough so that I could sniff the bushes and do the necessary.  Now we are tucked up in the house and I am keeping an eye on her so that she gets better.  If she can’t get out of bed, I might not get my dinner (and I know there’s some spare salmon destined for my bowl)…



2 thoughts on “Nurse Truffle

  1. I would be such a willing pupil and would clean up anything you dropped in the kitchen. No scraps when Truffle’s about!

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