What about my mental wellbeing?

Hmm, my mum has been internet shopping.  Amongst purchases are my usual kibble, Dr John Gold Medal (specially for working dogs – did you know the Queens’s dogs are fed this brand?), a book about the canal trip she’s taking this year (without me!) and a ‘grooming kit’.

I’m not all sure about that last one – somehow don’t think it’s for her as she usually buys her stuff at Fenwick’s.  ‘Grooming kit dog hair trimmer’ is the full description and I suspect it involves electricity which means buzzy noise and I don’t like buzzy noises, especially if they are close.

I’m pretty bomb proof except around vacuum cleaners and hairdryers.  I was once taken for a professional groom and came out utterly TRAUMATISED by all the buzzy noises and the whirling bath.  My mum said I was a wuss and should have enjoyed the soap suds and warm water but it scared me horribly.

Now it looks as if she’s buying a buzzy thing to trim me at home; it takes too long with scissors, she says, because I have sooooooo much hair.  But I say what about my mental wellbeing?



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