I survived!!

I was all excited when the door bell rang this morning.  Visitors!  I love visitors!  But no, it was the postman (in shorts, can you believe, in just 5c?) with a parcel which my mum said I wouldn’t like.

Me, not like a parcel?  What could it contain?  The dog clippers of course!

She unpacked them straight away and lured me into the kitchen so I couldn’t escape.  After a few false  starts – getting the right comb for my long hair – she was off…down my back, under my tum, zizzing my chest, round my bum then a hand finish with scissors for my ears and feathers.


Don’t I look smart?

Do you know, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.  The noise wasn’t frighteningly loud like a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer and the action of the machine was a bit like a brush, which I love.  I got a bit nervous when she did under my chin but it was over in a trice.

Now I look really smart for the summer and won’t get nearly so hot as I do when I’m bearing my winter coat.  Mum put some of the clippings on the summerhouse roof so that birds could have my hair for their nests.  I suppose you would call that recycling.


For the birds!

My previous thoughts on dog grooming



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