An anniversary

Well, whaddyknow, it’s seven years exactly since my mum brought me home as an eight-week-old puppy.  I was a cuddly bundle of gorgeousness, made myself at home straight away by chewing plants and trying to steal food out of the cat’s bowl.  That was Sherry who smacked me on my bum, a very rude awakening!

My doggy mum, Holly, lived with another dog and two cats who weren’t at all bothered about puppies on the premises (we were nine!) but Sherry was not happy to have me.  We learnt to live together once I realised who was boss (her).  Sherry’s gone but there are two others in her place so I still have to watch my ps and qs.

I know I’m a very lucky dog to have such a loving home and friends, to have fields and a beach nearby where I can run, swim and sit in puddles.  Doggy heaven.

Today on the beach                                                    On arrival, 2009



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