I broke my elbow!

Well, I wasn’t any better this morning so my mum and I went to the veterinary surgery and the outcome is that I broke my elbow!  Apparently this injury is common in springer spaniels. I suppose that’s cos we….er, ‘spring’ a lot.  I was charging around when it happened.


X-ray of my broken elbow

I had special orthopaedic surgery this afternoon to pin the bones together and will be in the doggy hospital overnight.  If I’m not in too much pain I hope to get home tomorrow.  My mum says I have been very brave and will get lots of cuddles and treats.  I’m looking forward to this!


RestingMum says I’m accident prone and reminds me that it is almost exactly four years since I broke a toe on the other foot (picture, right).  Hmm, was laid up for ages after that, no romps, loads of rest and short rations in case I got fat with lack of exercise.

Not looking forward to that!


I was treated at http://www.moorviewvets.co.uk/


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