Home …but very sleepy

Came home about an hour ago and it’s good to be back but I’m very sleepy after the anaesthetic, painkillers and antibiotics.  I did manage to wag my tail and make a happy moan when I first saw my mum but I’m right done in.  Couldn’t manage the exuberant greeting I’m famous for.

The vets are very pleased with me, especially since I am now beginning to bear weight on the leg which was injured.  I have a huge shaved area from my shoulder to halfway down my leg even though the dressing for the incision isn’t very big at all.  There’s a colourful bandage on the other leg to cover where the drip and drugs went in.  My mum was given one of those lampshade things in case I start licking or chewing – better behave myself, don’t want that round my neck.

I’ve to take it super-easy for the next few days until we have a post-op check in a week – no further than the back yard, no jumping, no stairs (as if I’m allowed upstairs to the cats’ territory).  Then I’ll have more x-rays in six weeks to make sure all is well with the pins in my elbow.  I bet I’ll be springing by then.




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