How much longer?

I’m under house arrest and going crazy!  How much longer do I have to rest?


I feel great, I’m using my damaged leg, have no pain and am raring to go.*  Yet my mum says NO.  A very firm no, ALL the time.

She tried the food puzzle to keep me occupied but I worked that out long ago and got the biscuits out in a trice.  She bought a pink flamingo stuffed toy but it’s not the same when you can’t play tug.


We did have a good time in the yard earlier as the sun is shining and both cats were about.  Marley settled down to sleep in the summerhouse – a first – and I was left in charge of the property when my mum went to get more supplies of dog biscuits and stuff.


* Healing will take four-six weeks so Truffle will have to be patient.




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