Desperate measures

I am adorned with the cone of shame and am having great difficulty managing myself around the house and yard.


My mum put it on because I wouldn’t stop licking my shaved leg which has become infected and needs steroid cream twice a day.  Of course I’m licking it straight off cos it’s sticky.   She tried a bandage but I got that off in seconds so it was desperate measures.

But this cone is too much.  I’ve not a clue how to manoeuvre and have been banging into things, knocking over plantpots in the yard and got stuck trying to get into the summerhouse.   Thing is, it’s see-through so you don’t realise the edge is about a foot away and…whack!!

I also got into trouble for sneaking up to my mum and bashing her legs with the edge.  She wasn’t very happy cos she fell while we were out for the first time yesterday and is already very sore.

I’m really worried about not being able to eat my dinner.  I may starve to death.  How can I possibly reach my bowl with this thing on?





2 thoughts on “Desperate measures

  1. I’m stuck wearing a cone too!! I don’t have a broken elbow but I have a raw spot on my tail. I’m bouncing off of everything. So rude… *ear licks* Noodle

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