Instrument of torture

Trapped, I’m trapped in an instrument of torture.  What’s the use of the sun blazing bright, mum and both cats sunbathing all day long, if I’m stuck in this collar?

It’s not all bad because my first five minute walk was to the shops and lots of people made a big fuss when they saw this contraption.   And I found it very supportive when I was falling asleep – no chin crashing on the stones – plus I can both drink and eat.  Mum says if any bits of food fall into the collar I can save them for later.  Yuk, they might go off so better eat them straighaway!

My mum is sort of pleased (even if she says I keep bumping into her and making bruises) because it has stopped me licking my shin and the ointment should be starting to do its work.  Maybe in a couple of days I will be free.  A dog can dream…



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