Done in

IMG_5449My mum upgraded me to three ten minute walks today and I am dead beat, real done in !  She laughs and says my head doesn’t realise what I’ve been through with breaking my elbow but my body sure does.

Our schedule has changed completely since the injury cos we can’t go down the beach or run free anywhere.  Mum lies in then we’ve been having a stroll down the street which is repeated later in the day.  Sometimes in the afternoons we’ve been going to a dog friendly cafe for coffee and cake.  She tucks in and I get fuss from everyone.

This morning we went out for breakfast (bacon & avocado in a huge muffin; needless to say none came my way), back home and after she’d read the paper it was off to the shops.  I like going to the shops, very proud to walk alongside my mum and get attention.  Afterwards we lazed in the yard and Marley and me chummed up in the summerhouse.

But now that I’ve had my dinner I’m done in.  Sleepytime…


Dog friendly cafes:                                         


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