But… what is it?

IMG_5994A treat, says my mum, as she tosses a hard pink thing into the yard, not to be brought indoors.  You’ve been such a good patient and been on your own a lot while I’ve been living it up in New York (hence no dogblogging), so I’ve got you an extra special treat.

I take a sniff – nothing familiar about this.  Look at her and question: ‘but…what is it?’

A marrowbone, you fool, a raw marrowbone full of nutrients, she replies as Marley comes, has a sniff and starts licking the end.  Hmm, if the cat likes it, maybe I will.  He was caught pinching my wet food straight out of the can last night so, to me, cat/dog food seems to be dual purpose, though my mum says not.

After he gets fed up I investigate; maybe it will be good after all.  It had better be; she’s closed the door and shut me in the yard.  Hope Marley doesn’t come back and try to muscle in…



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