Blood flows as I’m clipped

Horror of horros, there’s blood!  My mum is clipping me in the back yard and suddenly, there’s blood on my white bits.  WHAT has she done?  Looks carefully and no wounds on me – it’s her own hand she’s nicked.  Am I grateful or what?

IMG_6430Getting used to these electric clippers now and, d’you know, I’m getting to like the experience.  If you ignore the buzzing, it’s like a full body massage, a pamper treatment.  I’m up for that anytime.  I love being brushed as well; do a dance afterwards.

Never thought I would say that after my trauma with buzzy electric things.  I scamper right out of it when the vacuum appears and the time my mum tried to dry me with her hairdryer was AWFUL.  I’m such an adaptable dog.


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