Party cat-crashed

My mum and I were invited to a neighbour’s birthday party yesterday, an outdoor party – parasol, canopy, laden picnic table, chiminea ablaze.  Imagine our shock when we arrived – and found Marley already there! Smooching round all the guests, soliciting ear rubs and winding himself round legs.  Cat-crashed my mum called it, though he’d obviously negotiated the gate as well.

I found an old tennis ball, ripped that to shreds then started begging sausages from the food table.  I was having a fantastic time until my mum saw and said: STOP!  That was the party over for me and I was taken home in disgrace.

Marley stayed, my mum went back and I was left on my own.  Mum came back later but the cat was last home.  Dirty stop out!


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