The evil eye

I don’t know there’s such a fuss about Halloween – ghosts, cobwebs, pumpkins, spooks – when I have to live with the evil eye all the time.  I’m never free.  Two cats in my house, THREE in bootcamp where the latest addition is a youngster who likes to swipe my tail and ride on my back.  It’s all peaceful then – whoah! – this tiny terror, black and white fur with claws at the ready, leaps on me and thinks he’ll have some fun!  It’s not funny from my angle cos, although I try not to show it, I’z scared of cats, have been ever since Sherry wopped me on my bum when I was just a pup.  I try to be brave but I’m outnumbered, outmanoevred, all the time.  And the humans just laugh.  They should try being me and see how they like it.


Marley gives me the evil eye. 



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