Shocked my mum

Shocked my mum just now by turning back on our walk.  Ran for the ball a couple of times in the park but it’s so grey, wet and miserable even I didn’t want to be out in it.  Says she’s never seen me do that before.

img_8070Now I’m tucked up nice and warm in my bed wearing my SurfDog* robe, a clean towel under me and the radiator full blast.

Marley, however, has been in-out, in-out all morning and actually caught a mouse before 9am!  He’s soaking wet and won’t be dried.

Expect he’ll inveigle himself onto my mum’s knee to dry off; she hates that, the cold wet paws and tummy.

I’m a good boy, love being towelled and adore getting toasty in my tailored Aussie robe.




What a bummer!

Having a wonderful outdoor romp at the weekend with my Irish mum then, oops, somehow there’s a big pink blob of bubblegum on my bum, complete with wrapper.  She berates me, tries to get it off, fails so says she’ll sort it when we get home.  Being a no nonsense kind of girl, she doesn’t google to find a non-invasive remedy*, but gets the scissors out real quick and chops a great chunk of fur from my bum.

Come today: she returns me to my mum (who is still alseep in bed) and leaves a card detailing my activities this morning – been to the park, been to the shops, been fed.  Duh, I can usually play dumb and get another breakfast when my mum comes down.  What a bummer!

* Apparently rubbing peanut butter or cooking oil into bubblegum or chewing gum will help get it off furry surfaces.’s-Hair

A full day

We’ve had a really busy day, me and my mum.  A fabulous morning being petted by my mum’s friends in our favourite coffee shop (with a few sneaky bits of bacon passed under the table) then to the vet this afternoon for booster shots.  I got my second petting session of the day from the lovely young vet who put me so at ease that I barely felt the needle go in.  But when she told me I weighed 45 kilos I thought maybe I should have said no to the bacon.

By all accounts the madam, Cleo, behaved herself and passed her check-up with flying colours.  She made an awful racket in the car on the way there but was calmer afterwards – obviously knew we were on the way home.

Relaxing under the café table.


New pawtraits

Made to perform today so that my mum could try out her new camera in pawtrait mode.  Right up close and personal for some of them.  I couldn’t really complain because we had a wonderful romp on the playing fields this morning: some fantastic smells to root among the autumn leaves which have fallen in great swathes.  I love autumn, my favourite thing.

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