Back to normal

Happy to report that normal service has resumed.  Spent a lot of time at Bootcamp over the festive period cos my mum had visitors and then a horrible cold and cough so couldn’t take me out.  When I returned I found that Marley had vacated my bed (has a posh new igloo of his own, leopard print…) and I was able to take up my rightful place.

I also very much like lying at my mum’s feet though she complains that I’m an obstacle, sit on her slippers and get in the way when she needs to get up from the sofa.  Doesn’t matter which one she sits on, why do I have to be right underneath?  Well, that’s just my way of showing love and taking care of her – not like the cats who swan off upstairs to bed (Cleo) or take over the swivel rocker (Marley).


Marley in his pod, Cleo still in bed.



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