I LOVE gardening!

Fine sunny afternoon so mum decides to tidy up the garden which is, quite frankly, a right mess after months of neglect: brambles, dead flower stalks and loads of leaves everywhere.  A veritable jungle.

Of Phew, it's hotcourse once she starts, it’s more than raking up a few leaves and the job gets bigger and bigger.  Some of the shrubs barely escaped annihilation!  The whole household was out.  My part is to tidy up after her, breaking the branches into manageable sticks and Marley joined in, packing the dried stalks neatly by pouncing on them.  Cleo pranced about the street, no help at all.

Two hours flashed by in no time at all and there was a rush to clear up before my mum went off for a pre-booked massage.  She said she really needed it after all the strenuous activity.

The garden looks so much bigger and now there’s just a load of moss to clear from the path and cobbles.  So that means another session outdoors and lots of helping for me.  I love gardening, might be my favourite thing!


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