The best ball – ever

Serendipity my mum calls it but that’s too long a word for me so I call it luck.  ever.  Irish aunt found a pristine orange and blue ball on the beach, looked for an owner but no-one was around so she brought it home.  It is the best ball – ever: tough, great bounce, easy to see.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.08.55Two weeks later it’s still going strong, looking and bouncing like new, which mum says is a record.  The rubber ones she normally buys last 10 days or so before I have sunk my teeth into them enough to lose their bounce and sink if they are thrown into the sea.

Luckily the ball has a name (who knew …thought only pets and people had names.) – it’s a Chuckit *.  They are a lot more expensive than my usual balls (cheapskate £1.99 for four so no wonder they didn’t last!) so I am warned not to lose it in the rocks as we come off the beach – my naughty trick according to my mum.

* Widely available online (probably in proper pet stores too); from £8.49 for two.



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