I am lopsided!

Barely a week since I was at the vet and I’m back again today.  I was really off colour yesterday and retreated to my bed even though my mum was cuddled on the sofa.  I yelped a couple of times and she had a good look at me:  I’ve got swelling on my cheek, I’m lopsided!

fullsizeoutput_7173Lovely Spanish vet, knee high to a grasshopper, fusses me then lifts me onto the examining table, all 24.8kg of me.  Bet she isn’t much more.

The verdict is that I may have been stung as there are no lesions in my mouth or nose and none of my teeth are loose.  Given anti-inflammatory/painkilling injection plus antibiotic pills just in case.  She thinks I’ll soon be right but i know my mum with take me back if I don’t improve quickly.


Patient update 29/11/2017

Swelling has subsided a bit overnight and I was full of beans this morning.  However, it’s been sleeting all night and still pretty miserable outdoors so it was a quick turn down the street.  My mum says she can’t take me to the park until she’s sure the halti won’t hurt my face …cos I pull on the lead without the halti.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 11.11.16


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