Oh no, Max has to have surgery!


Max , left, and Paddy

My mum is a big fan of Max and Paddy out in the Lake District*, a pair of English springer spaniels who have huge following, especially on Facebook.  In fact she met them last week – huh, didn’t take me but took some of my Tails.com treats (the cheek!).

Now we find out Max has to have expensive surgery to remove a bone chip from his left ‘elbow’ joint – the same bit of leg I broke two years ago. I hope he doesn’t have to wear the cone of shame though my mum says it’s unlikely as he is such a well behaved dog.

Max was a rescue dog, as well as being too old, so his owners could not get insurance. His (and Paddy’s) fans have started a fundraiser to help with the costs.

Please donate if you can.  These boys are such fun.


* https://www.facebook.com/maxinthelakes/

Update: The appeal raised a whopping £3,830



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