Slimline look

Set in for a sleepy afternoon in the shade when I hear my mum opening the grooming box and getting out the clippers.  That’s my siesta ruined.  I realise her subterfuge now: go for a run in the sun, ply me with biscuits – then POUNCE!

fullsizeoutput_82eaI’m getting used to this now and she said I had been very good, standing still and not trying to hide.  How could I scarper when she had me tied up to the patio table?

There was a MASSIVE pile of hair although my coat was nowhere near its longest.  She did strip my leg feathers and I suppose that accounted for quite a bit.  She says it’s the slimline look for this heatwave summer we’re having.

Afterwards I got an invigorating brush – and biscuits.  Now for the snoooozze…



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