Today Kelly’s K9s took me and my pals to the quarry nature reserve and we had a lovely time romping in the long grass and watching the ducks.  I wasn’t allowed a swim because there’s rats in the water and they carry diseases which can be dangerous to dogs.  Rats carry all sorts of horrible things like Weil’s Disease (leptospirosis) so it’s best not to paddle or swim where they’ve been.


Me with pals Benji and Chip.



Training the Irish Aunt

The Irish Aunt is going into business walking dogs and looking after pets in people’s homes.  Me and my pals are going through a training routine with her so that she knows what she’s doing: how to manage us, when we need treats and, especially in the hot weather we’re having, making sure we don’t get overheated.  Today we took her down the beach before the sun got too high and showed her how we like to swim and cool off.

Benji, Chip and me on The Links 2fe4a974-3b99-431f-9b8d-5ef909ac0290Dripping wet after my swim88a7cf37-474e-42a1-8824-c7f61fe6fabf


She does lots more than dog walking and is very experienced in looking after reptiles.

A rude return

We have been on holiday: my mum to Iceland and islands up north and me to the Irish aunt where I have been spoilt by snaffling the cats’ leftovers and being allowed on beds.

IMG_7234Home today, cuddles and right into – a thorough groom.  Absence makes the heart think…  ‘Truffle, you look like a shaggy mat!’

Taking ideas from Tracey, the pro groomer, my mum used a No10 blade and got right down to the spots.  Not as neat as Dial-a-dog-wash but a lot cooler for the week ahead which is supposed to be a scorcher.

Me and the cats are making sure mum stays put for a while with all three of us guarding her closely.


Cool dude

Wow, the sun came out.  We live on the northeast coast of England and all week, while the rest of the country – even just 10 miles inland – has been basking in glorious sunshine, it’s been cloudy and foggy beside the sea.

But lunchtime today the clouds evaporated and it was really bright.  Time to get the sunspecs on and be a real cool dude.


Island life

Went on a long trip today but was praised for being such a good passenger, fastened into the back seat.

Mum and I went on a pilgrimage to Holy Island* on the north Northumberland coast to visit friends.  At first I thought I was going to the beach, peering out the window at everything.  Then I settled down for the journey until I smelt sand and seawater aromas coming in the car window.  We had arrived and there was an enormous beach with sea in the distance.

We had lunch outside in the sun and I said hello to all the dogs – Dalmation, Labrador, spaniels, greyhound and others – who were there with their mums and dads.  After that we went for a walk round the island, through the churchyard and my mum fastened me in the entrance to the church while she had a look inside.

My pilgrimage to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Info on the island:   https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryMagazine/DestinationsUK/Lindisfarne/

On the way back to the cottage she bought me a new toy and I gave it a good chew before the journey home.  Now I’m pooped.


Hound of the Baskervilles!

In trouble cos my mum says I’ve been howling, even when she’s in the house.  Woke her up 5am today so she lets me out, I sniff around come back in – and do the same at 7.30am.  For good measure I set up my Awooooooooh! a third time after coming back from an early walk with the Irish Aunt.

She suspects this is a ploy to get on her bed, usually cat territory.  Oops, have I been rumbled?

Mum says I’ve been replaced by the hound of the Baskervilles, whoever that is, and she’ll have to call in Holmes and Watson.  Will they bring biscuits is what I want to know.