This is the life

My mum has been away for a few days so I’ve been at bootcamp.  Let me tell you, I’m glad to get home to my mum for a rest!

fullsizeoutput_668dYou have no idea what it’s like: up before dawn, walking my paws off, played with by the sprog, teased by the youngest cat and taken to WORK.  WORK!  I never have a moment’s peace.

To show my appreciation I walked very nicely for my mum, didn’t pull on the lead when we went to the shops and today I was rewarded by being taken to a new cafe, Kith & Kin.  Think this will become another of our favourites because they’re dog friendly (gave me water in a big bone-shaped dish) and do avocado on sourdough toast.  My mum loves avocado on toast for breakfast

I don’t.  I’m a dog and dogs don’t eat vegetables.




Call the RSPT


Have a heart!  Look what the sprog has done to me – wrapped me up in a hoodie.  You’d think that now she is 12 years-old she’d be done with dressing me up but no, I’m subjected to this at weekends when I stay at bootcamp.

Obviously those aren’t my hands you see and, thankfully, she didn’t put my legs through the arms of the sweater.  Still, it’s very embarassing.

My mum says she is going to call the RSPT – the Royal Society for the Protection of Truffle.

I’m freeeeeeeeee!

Passed my post op x-ray at the vet surgery with flying colours.  I’m healing just they way they want me to and can slowly increase the amount of exercise.  Got to go back in another four weeks for a final check but my mum is so pleased and treated me to a homemade chicken and rice dinner, just the same as she was eating, when I got home.

IMG_6026I was pretty bushed after the anaesthetic so didn’t do much last night other than sleep but today I’m off to bootcamp and the Irish cousins.  No galloping on the stairs, though, that has to be on the lead.  An no balls or running, just gentle gambolling.  And I thought only Wombles gambolled…

I’ll be back home tomorrow cos there’s a street party and the promise of lots of lovely food.  We had a street party for the Queen’s diamond jubilee and it was fantastic – lovely people and doggy friends.  My mum is making sausage rolls, flapjack and a lemon and blueberry cake in a new Nordic Ware tin she brought from New York.  I can smell the butteriness from here.


Back to normal

After Easter visitors and a lovely holiday, it’s back to normal and weekend at boot camp.  We had a bit of a romp when the Irish aunt and sprog came to collect me.  Sprog likes to wrestle on the floor then I put on a bit of a show chasing my tail, which always has them in hysterics.  They think cos I’m four I should have grown out of it.  Huh, little do they know what makes a dog happy.


Doggie Easter holiday

Happy EasterP1050828

I’m such a lucky dog.  We’re all going on holiday – mum, the Irish aunt, sprog and ME!!

I’ve never been on holiday, just boot camp at the weekends and the occasional trip to someone else’s house, not a holiday with luggage and treats.  But it’s Easter this weekend (I predict chocolate eggs, yum yum), and we are all off to an hotel in Yorkshire afterwards for a break.  It has pretty gardens, a gym and an indoor pool which will be a lot warmer than the North Sea at this time of year.

What, I’m not allowed in the pool???  I’m sure that can’t be right – the hotel says well behaved dogs allowed; I’m well behaved so why don’t I get to use the facilities?  I’ll even wear a bathing cap if that will let make a difference.

We’re having a family get-together on Easter Sunday and my mum is cooking her special slow roast pork which is utterly delicious.  I expect i’ll get some leftovers, or even the portion that the vegetarian visitor won’t want.  Mmm, I lurve pork crackling – followed by a dessert of chocolate egg, of course.

Missed out AGAIN!

While I was away at weekend bootcamp my mum invited my mate, rescue greyhound Mak, and his owners round and I missed out AGAIN!  The humans had risotto and meringues with salted caramel sauce and Mak had treats of cheese.  I like cheese; where’s my share.  Excuse is that he was scared of the fireworks going off in the run-up to bonfire night and had to have a distraction.  If I’d been there I could have distracted him, no problem, and maybe we could have shared the cheese which was a special smoked one my mum brought back from Cheshire. 

In even more of a huff cos THE CAT allowed Mak to get up real close in front of the fire and didn’t utter a single hiss.  She’s awful to me most of the time though I must admit she was okay when I got on the bed with her and mum a few days ago.  I have to rise above my fear and ignore her.

Time to perfect my ‘I see no cats’ expression.

Post hols blog

Haven’t been able to write anything on here for ages because my mum went on holiday and didn’t leave me the password for the computer.  I was at boot camp for the duration which was a doddle cos the sprog went with my mum and I had a fortnight free from forcible dressing up and necklace modelling.   I got to the beach every day and slept on the Irish aunt’s bed every night which I’m not allowed to do at home, LOL.

The sprog had a great time seeing her grandparents and Irish cousins.  They had their own Olympics and saw a wild dolphin in a creek off the beach.  I would so like to swim with a dolphin!