I take the lead


We were out for such a long time this morning – breakfast in our favourite café (bits of sausage for me) then food shopping (tuna and sardines, hope I get a sample) for Marley.  When I got a whiff that we were homeward bound I decided to take the lead.  I’m very good at this and know the way.  We were back in no time at all.

What a bummer!

Having a wonderful outdoor romp at the weekend with my Irish mum then, oops, somehow there’s a big pink blob of bubblegum on my bum, complete with wrapper.  She berates me, tries to get it off, fails so says she’ll sort it when we get home.  Being a no nonsense kind of girl, she doesn’t google to find a non-invasive remedy*, but gets the scissors out real quick and chops a great chunk of fur from my bum.

Come today: she returns me to my mum (who is still alseep in bed) and leaves a card detailing my activities this morning – been to the park, been to the shops, been fed.  Duh, I can usually play dumb and get another breakfast when my mum comes down.  What a bummer!

* Apparently rubbing peanut butter or cooking oil into bubblegum or chewing gum will help get it off furry surfaces. http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-Chewing-Gum-from-a-Dog’s-Hair