Adoration central

I am such a lucky dog: out for breakfast yesterday and extended coffee with a host of my mum’s friends today.  I was the star of the show, adored by everyone – even people who weren’t with our crowd.  I gave paws, let people fluff my ears and offered my tum for tickles.


My mum’s under the weather with a post-holiday cold (that’ll teach her to go away!) so we got the Metro there and back.  Seemed silly not to when we live near a station and the café (another of our dog friendly places) was on the next station –   

I was such a good dog on the train, well behaved and respectful to other passengers.




A full day

We’ve had a really busy day, me and my mum.  A fabulous morning being petted by my mum’s friends in our favourite coffee shop (with a few sneaky bits of bacon passed under the table) then to the vet this afternoon for booster shots.  I got my second petting session of the day from the lovely young vet who put me so at ease that I barely felt the needle go in.  But when she told me I weighed 45 kilos I thought maybe I should have said no to the bacon.

By all accounts the madam, Cleo, behaved herself and passed her check-up with flying colours.  She made an awful racket in the car on the way there but was calmer afterwards – obviously knew we were on the way home.

Relaxing under the café table.


Done in

IMG_5449My mum upgraded me to three ten minute walks today and I am dead beat, real done in !  She laughs and says my head doesn’t realise what I’ve been through with breaking my elbow but my body sure does.

Our schedule has changed completely since the injury cos we can’t go down the beach or run free anywhere.  Mum lies in then we’ve been having a stroll down the street which is repeated later in the day.  Sometimes in the afternoons we’ve been going to a dog friendly cafe for coffee and cake.  She tucks in and I get fuss from everyone.

This morning we went out for breakfast (bacon & avocado in a huge muffin; needless to say none came my way), back home and after she’d read the paper it was off to the shops.  I like going to the shops, very proud to walk alongside my mum and get attention.  Afterwards we lazed in the yard and Marley and me chummed up in the summerhouse.

But now that I’ve had my dinner I’m done in.  Sleepytime…


Dog friendly cafes:                                         

Mushrooms on toast

Mmm, the aroma was divine but I got my nose slapped out of the way pretty quick.  No way, said my mum as I caught the waft from her ‘creamy woodland mushrooms with toasted sourdough bread’ in one of our dog friendly cafés, Pulp Fiction*.  Well, the table was just nose height so it was hard to resist.  At home I might get a crust when she’s finished but that’s taboo when we are out.  Non doggy people can be critical if they see dogs being fed in the same place as them.

But I did get lots of fuss from other customers and staff.  There were two other dogs, both perfectly behaved.  I like going to cafés and doing my bit for doggy PR.


We go out for coffee

Such an exciting day.  First we went to the playing fields and I showed my ball chasing and catching skills then, unexpected treat, the lead comes out again and I’m taken out by my mum for coffee with friends.

I wasn’t allowed in the cafe but I got lots of fuss, especially from one of my mum’s pals who is a big fan of mine, and passers-by.  photoMum and her friends scoffed scones, cakes and brownies while I had to make do with a paltry bowl of water.  I was allowed one tiny taste of brownie which hardly touched the sides and, though I made an impassioned plea for more by whining loudly, it was all gone.

I made a big effort to walk nicely on the lead on the way back cos I know that, if I don’t pull, I may get taken out again for coffee.  Though I really think I deserve more brownie for my efforts.

Cafe Culture

I love it when we finish a walk to the playing fields with a stop at a cafe where my mum has breakfast or, depending what time she got out of bed, brunch.  She eats the same thing – bacon sandwich with a latte (large, one shot) – but the timing decides what the meal is called.  At home I don’t get titbits from the table but I do when we go to a cafe.  Don’t appreciate the bread very much but love those nibs of crispy bacon. Of course I don’t refuse the bread as you never know when you will get your next bite.

I get a dish of water as well because by this stage I’m hot and done in from bounding around after the ball on the playing fields which aren’t like the beach where I can pop into the water to cool off.  Hope we go again tomorrow!

photocon sandwich, mmm