The never ending trim

I need a trim, says my mum.  AGAIN???  Yes, I can tell by the hair sprouting out of your paws, she says.  Luckily, because there’s not too much regrowth and she’s getting the hang of it, we were done in about ten minutes.

It’s very hot today so she waited until the sun had moved then set to.  Even so, she was boiling by the time she’d finished so we retreated inside.  The cats have been indoors all afternoon, snoozing on human beds.  I’m not allowed to do that, huh, not even with all that hair removed.



Happy families!


Having a sneaky cuddle with my mum on the sofa and suddenly I’m surrounded by the felines.  First Marley sidles up onto the pink silk cushion (silk, mind you, I’m never allowed to sleep on it) then a few minutes later Cleo decides to get in on the act.  Of course there’s no space left so she she plumps onto my mum’s knee.  One cat I can cope with – but one on each side is a bit too close for comfort.

Such a happy family!


After my outing at the weekend, followed by a joyous swim off the beach, I am done in, completely bushed.  I was so sleepy yesterday afternoon that I hadn’t realised my mum had forgotten to give me my dinner until 7.30pm!

IMG_9963She decided I should take it easy today so it was a trip to the shops instead of running in the park.  She was right – I hadn’t the energy to pull on the lead like usual.  She had clothes to donate to the PDSA and the staff were so taken with me they said she could leave me in their care and go get her groceries – otherwise I’d have been tied up outside Sainsbury’s.

SIX offers they told her they’d had for me when she returned.  SIX – I am such a popular dog!



Resting in the summerhouse.


The evil eye

I don’t know there’s such a fuss about Halloween – ghosts, cobwebs, pumpkins, spooks – when I have to live with the evil eye all the time.  I’m never free.  Two cats in my house, THREE in bootcamp where the latest addition is a youngster who likes to swipe my tail and ride on my back.  It’s all peaceful then – whoah! – this tiny terror, black and white fur with claws at the ready, leaps on me and thinks he’ll have some fun!  It’s not funny from my angle cos, although I try not to show it, I’z scared of cats, have been ever since Sherry wopped me on my bum when I was just a pup.  I try to be brave but I’m outnumbered, outmanoevred, all the time.  And the humans just laugh.  They should try being me and see how they like it.


Marley gives me the evil eye. 


While the dog’s away…

…the cats will play.  Both of them have been having a ball while I’ve been at bootcamp for the weekend.  Leaping about, pouncing, tugging, hiding – it’s not right, that’s my field.  At least they kept themselves to the dangly toy and didn’t interfere with any stuffed animals, which are mine to tear apart.  I would be very upset if they set about the remains of Rudolph who arrived my first Christmas.  There are only two legs left and they’re MINE!!

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Cleo, the dark tabby, has some brown pigmenttion in her left eye, nothing to worry about.

How much longer?

I’m under house arrest and going crazy!  How much longer do I have to rest?


I feel great, I’m using my damaged leg, have no pain and am raring to go.*  Yet my mum says NO.  A very firm no, ALL the time.

She tried the food puzzle to keep me occupied but I worked that out long ago and got the biscuits out in a trice.  She bought a pink flamingo stuffed toy but it’s not the same when you can’t play tug.


We did have a good time in the yard earlier as the sun is shining and both cats were about.  Marley settled down to sleep in the summerhouse – a first – and I was left in charge of the property when my mum went to get more supplies of dog biscuits and stuff.


* Healing will take four-six weeks so Truffle will have to be patient.



We pet sit

Now we have a different rodent in the house as we pet sit the Irish cousins’ hamster, Cheeks, while they are on holiday.

IMG_2075 IMG_2078 IMG_2123

Cheeks by name, cheeky by nature says my mum after he bit her while she was hand feeding him. She yelped and there was a LOT of blood.  She said if he did it again he would be cat food.  What, I don’t get a look in?  Not that he would be a big meal but he would make a tasty snack.

He came with a shiny green ball which he can wander around in.  That gets the cats’ interest, I tell you, as he bumbles from one room to the other.  My mum had to chase him cos he was heading for the open front door.

I’m used to him so I ignore his exploring but the cats, especially Cleo, are fascinated. Cleo definitely fancies a snack!