I am treated to cheese scone!

fullsizeoutput_650eTreat after this morning’s walk as we visit another favoured cafe, OMNI, and I am allowed to share my mum’s cheese scone.

My mum says I am very lucky boy to get anything because I was naughty earlier, pressing her up against the wall in excitement trying to get my lead as we prepared to go out.

THEN losing my Chuck It ball as we approached the cafe.  She had to backtrack to find it, leaving me tied up to a lamp post.  Nix, no ball.  Oops, I’d dropped it in the cafe and it had run under a table…

I have to say, however, the scone was nowhere near as good as the cheese scones she makes herself – not enough cheese by half.   My mum’s are FULL of cheese.

My mum’s cheese scones

Rub 75gr butter into 500gr SR flour; add 1/2 teasp mustard powder and 250gr grated strong cheese (eg Cheddar, Red Leicester); bind with 300ml milk.  Roll out on floured surface until one inch thick.  Brush with milk, sprinkle with more cheese then cut into shapes and bake for 15 minutes at 220c (200c fan).   Cool slightly, split and slather with butter.


Looks like she’s chopped sundried tomatoes into these ones.  You can add bacon, olives, chives, ooh, all sorts of savoury bits.  DROOL!


Such a full day

I’m pooped.  Didn’t get out until afternoon because we had TWO lots of visitors today (which meant my mum made cheese scones, yum, yum) and looking after visitors takes it out of a dog.

Two of my doggy pals came first and mum played a treat game where she tossed biscuits in the air, let them land and we had to scrabble for them on the yard.  That was great fun.  Then I washed Arthur’s ears and got some ear rubs myself from his owner.

fullsizeoutput_5cfeAfter that some of my mum’s friends arrived so I had to get people seated, make sure Marley wasn’t on the table then keep an eye out for dropped crumbs which needed clearing up.

Finally it was me-time with a street stroll then a gallop on the fields.  Phew.  I think I deserve my sleep, don’t you?




Patient update


Enjoying the last of my mum’s soup lunch.  See how I can’t put my leg on the floor?

I’m a lot perkier today though still not using my right leg properly.  My mum says if it’s not weight bearing by tomorrow we are off to the vet to see exactly what I’ve done.  She’s making a big fuss of me, giving me treats and loads of cuddles.

Two of my favourite people called this morning so that cheered me up no end.  I love visitors.  There were fresh cheese scones but not a crumb came my way.  Mind Marley Cat was busying about and he didn’t get any either.

We had a short three-legged walk down the street to do the necessaries because I wouldn’t perform in the back yard.  I thought it was FREEDOM…  I was raring to go but she grabbed my collar and made me slow down.  Still, I got to inspect the hedge and see who’d been around.  Then it was back in the house for more rest and minestrone soup for lunch.

Hope I’m much better by tomorrow cos I don’t like going to the vet’s surgery.