I am treated to cheese scone!

fullsizeoutput_650eTreat after this morning’s walk as we visit another favoured cafe, OMNI, and I am allowed to share my mum’s cheese scone.

My mum says I am very lucky boy to get anything because I was naughty earlier, pressing her up against the wall in excitement trying to get my lead as we prepared to go out.

THEN losing my Chuck It ball as we approached the cafe.  She had to backtrack to find it, leaving me tied up to a lamp post.  Nix, no ball.  Oops, I’d dropped it in the cafe and it had run under a table…

I have to say, however, the scone was nowhere near as good as the cheese scones she makes herself – not enough cheese by half.   My mum’s are FULL of cheese.

My mum’s cheese scones

Rub 75gr butter into 500gr SR flour; add 1/2 teasp mustard powder and 250gr grated strong cheese (eg Cheddar, Red Leicester); bind with 300ml milk.  Roll out on floured surface until one inch thick.  Brush with milk, sprinkle with more cheese then cut into shapes and bake for 15 minutes at 220c (200c fan).   Cool slightly, split and slather with butter.


Looks like she’s chopped sundried tomatoes into these ones.  You can add bacon, olives, chives, ooh, all sorts of savoury bits.  DROOL!


Hee, hee, cat in trouble

Marley Cat has disgraced himself two days on the trot – nibbled the top off a cheese and bacon quiche yesterday then licked the butter today.  My mum is incandescent.


After lunch with a friend, she put a cover over the last slice of quiche but cleverclogs tipped it off and helped himself.  I was the beneficiary because after that it wasn’t fit for human consumption.

This morning she’s making bacon sandwiches and finds him licking the top of the butter in the dish.

She puts the lid on, goes away while the bacon cooks and comes back to discover he’s knocked one slice of bread off the other (supposed precaution to avoid said cat having a go) and licked more butter!

He’s now hanging his head in shame, in the proverbial doghouse.  Looks as if he’s in the summerhouse to me.  I thought she said the summerhouse wasn’t a dog kennel…

Update July 14

More horrors from the cat!  He pinched cake which had been left under a teatowel overnight – crumbs on the counter and a big scoop out of the tin.  I was allowed some of the rest for breakfast but the remains went in the bin.  I would never steal food…


Cake and visitors, and cheese and…

P1110270What a wonderful morning we’ve just had – cake, visitors, lots of petting and attention.  My mum held a coffee morning fundraiser and made £137 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

There were some gorgeous cakes, biscuits, cheese scones and chocolatey things and I was lucky to get some tasty treats.   Nothing a dog shouldn’t have, mind you, just cake, cheesey bits and shortbread.  P1110258

There’s one of my mum’s friends who absolutely adores me so I made sure I was sitting near her.  It was dry and bright so we were able to sit in the yard in the sunshine.

The cats tried to get in on the act but I was the star of the show with a co-ordinating silk neckerchief.  Afterwards we were exhausted, my mum more than me cos she’d been baking all week, so me and mum had a relaxing afternoon.



A leisurely afternoon

If there’s one thing I love it’s my nap after the beach. I run miles and miles so I’m pretty tired when I get back.  IMG_1503After the post-beach biscuits (this can be the first food I get when my mum forgets my breakfast in a hurry to take me out) and coffee time, which sometimes brings an extra treat, I like to snuggle down in my sheepskin-lined bed and have a well earned snooze.

Today my mum made drop scones then slathered them with butter and strawberry jam which she made yesterday.  I got only a tiny bite which will hardly see me through till dinnertime.  I start telling her I’m hungry about 4pm but she says that’s too early and makes me wait until after five, often nearer six.  It’s so cruel, especially when I really appreciate her cooking (not that she cooks for my dinner – I get kibble and some tinned stuff).

But I can always dream – pizza, jam, snore, ham, snore, cheese……

Picnic pleasures

If there’s anything I love more than being at a cafe, it’s going on a picnic.  I get crisps when we go to the pub and snippets of bacon at the cafe but there can be all sorts of treats on a picnic – crisps, pate, sausages, pasties, dips, cheese, lots of stuff I really like.  IMG_0712IMG_0701  Mum laid on a gorgeous spread

Last time we went to Seaton Sluice, just up the coast from where we live.  We had a drink outside at the pub (well, mum and friend did) then tucked into the goodies.  I romped around in the sun but made sure I didn’t go too far in case I missed any titbits.  Mmm, it was delicious.


Seaton Sluice

In jail, without food!

IMG_0453 Look what they did – tied me up behind the fence while they had a picnic in the sun!  It was like being in jail – I could smell cheese and ham and cake and crisps and tomatoes; hang on, I don’t like tomatoes but you know what I mean.  Trapped on the other side of the mesh and nowhere near to any tasty morsels dropping off the table for me to snaffle.  Luckily one of the sprogs heard my plaintive whines and came to the rescue with some scraps.





Cheese, I love cheese!IMG_0445  

Missed out AGAIN!

While I was away at weekend bootcamp my mum invited my mate, rescue greyhound Mak, and his owners round and I missed out AGAIN!  The humans had risotto and meringues with salted caramel sauce and Mak had treats of cheese.  I like cheese; where’s my share.  Excuse is that he was scared of the fireworks going off in the run-up to bonfire night and had to have a distraction.  If I’d been there I could have distracted him, no problem, and maybe we could have shared the cheese which was a special smoked one my mum brought back from Cheshire. 

In even more of a huff cos THE CAT allowed Mak to get up real close in front of the fire and didn’t utter a single hiss.  She’s awful to me most of the time though I must admit she was okay when I got on the bed with her and mum a few days ago.  I have to rise above my fear and ignore her.

Time to perfect my ‘I see no cats’ expression.