Not another trim!

She’s been at me again, my mum: forced me into the yard, made me stay still while she wielded those clippers like Excalibur!  It’s only five minutes since I was done – surely it’s not time yet?  I had chrysanthemum paws, she said, and I will be much happier with less fur in the sunshine.  Even skimmed off my leg feathers – though my tail survived untouched!  There was a great big pile of cuttings once she’d finished.

Admittedly, I have been a bit overheated outdoors on warm days but there is always our tiled hall to cool off on once we are back home.  And if I’m bushed when we are out I can usually find a shady spot to recover.


Look at how my gorgeous spots appear when I’m clipped really short!


The big trim

The new clippers arrived so my mum set to straight away.  It took quite a while for her to get used to them and she thinks she will make a better job next time.  I’m not exactly bald but a mass of fur was sliced off and lots of brown spots have appeared along my flanks to match my legs.   Don’t remember them from puppyhood!

I start off okay but get fed up quite quickly, shuffling away into a corner and having to be coaxed out.  I really don’t like my feet trimmed but she insists on snipping off the tufts between my toes and paws.  She says I look six pounds thinner.

Glad that’s over for a few months.  WHAT – she might go over me again with the shorter blade??

Left, after; bottom right, before

Bespoke English Springer Spaniel clippers (10F and 4F German steel blades) from

Blood flows as I’m clipped

Horror of horros, there’s blood!  My mum is clipping me in the back yard and suddenly, there’s blood on my white bits.  WHAT has she done?  Looks carefully and no wounds on me – it’s her own hand she’s nicked.  Am I grateful or what?

IMG_6430Getting used to these electric clippers now and, d’you know, I’m getting to like the experience.  If you ignore the buzzing, it’s like a full body massage, a pamper treatment.  I’m up for that anytime.  I love being brushed as well; do a dance afterwards.

Never thought I would say that after my trauma with buzzy electric things.  I scamper right out of it when the vacuum appears and the time my mum tried to dry me with her hairdryer was AWFUL.  I’m such an adaptable dog.

Better balance


I’ve had a haircut this morning to make me look a bit less lopsided after the right leg was shaved for surgery.  There’s a good covering on it now but it was nowhere near as long as the rest of my coat so mum got out the clippers and tried to get a better balance.  Anyone would have to get up really close now to notice the difference and, my mum says, I look so much slimmer and may not have put on weight through reduced exercise.  Maybe that will mean the reintroduction of some treats…

I survived!!

I was all excited when the door bell rang this morning.  Visitors!  I love visitors!  But no, it was the postman (in shorts, can you believe, in just 5c?) with a parcel which my mum said I wouldn’t like.

Me, not like a parcel?  What could it contain?  The dog clippers of course!

She unpacked them straight away and lured me into the kitchen so I couldn’t escape.  After a few false  starts – getting the right comb for my long hair – she was off…down my back, under my tum, zizzing my chest, round my bum then a hand finish with scissors for my ears and feathers.


Don’t I look smart?

Do you know, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.  The noise wasn’t frighteningly loud like a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer and the action of the machine was a bit like a brush, which I love.  I got a bit nervous when she did under my chin but it was over in a trice.

Now I look really smart for the summer and won’t get nearly so hot as I do when I’m bearing my winter coat.  Mum put some of the clippings on the summerhouse roof so that birds could have my hair for their nests.  I suppose you would call that recycling.


For the birds!

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