Driving my mum to drink!

Blotted my copybook very badly while out yesterday.  After free rein down our pedestrianised street mum took me the lead to various shops and we ended up at bank she needed to use.  She slotted my lead (Halti double ended lead) through one of the rings outside especially for the convenience of canines.

She wasn’t inside long but I was so raring to go when she came out that I completely lost my senses.  As she was taking the lead out of the ring, I made off, fast as you like.

Mum shrieked, I took no notice, but a passerby grabbed me and hauled me back.

She was so perturbed she poured herself a gin and tonic when we got back home, even though it was only the middle of the afternoon.  She said I was driving her to drink!

The Irish Aunt, who took me on the waggonway this morning, says I’m getting cantankerous in my old age.  Old, I’m only ten*!!

Truffle is 11 on February 1.