I take the lead


We were out for such a long time this morning – breakfast in our favourite café (bits of sausage for me) then food shopping (tuna and sardines, hope I get a sample) for Marley.  When I got a whiff that we were homeward bound I decided to take the lead.  I’m very good at this and know the way.  We were back in no time at all.


We go out for coffee

Such an exciting day.  First we went to the playing fields and I showed my ball chasing and catching skills then, unexpected treat, the lead comes out again and I’m taken out by my mum for coffee with friends.

I wasn’t allowed in the cafe but I got lots of fuss, especially from one of my mum’s pals who is a big fan of mine, and passers-by.  photoMum and her friends scoffed scones, cakes and brownies while I had to make do with a paltry bowl of water.  I was allowed one tiny taste of brownie which hardly touched the sides and, though I made an impassioned plea for more by whining loudly, it was all gone.

I made a big effort to walk nicely on the lead on the way back cos I know that, if I don’t pull, I may get taken out again for coffee.  Though I really think I deserve more brownie for my efforts.


2013-05-03 16.38.19 Rats!!  I’ve had a lovely time over the weekend with my new pal Ben, meeting my real doggie mum, my first human Leesa (I really liked her, wasn’t pleased when Ben came for a cuddle as well) and roaming new territory.  But now we’re home my mum says It’s all hard work on the training regime cos I’ve been allowed to slack the last few days.

Ben in his house, me below2013-05-04 09.20.39 2013-05-04 10.54.18  In the woodland

I thought I was very well bahaved.  I let Ben lie on his rug in front of the fire, didn’t take over his bed in the hall and never touched his food.  I let him keep up with me when we went on woodland walks (he’s a much older dog) and didn’t eat all his chews.  Apparently I wasn’t very good on the lead and should have been paying attention to my mum instead of tugging and absorbing new smells.

Coming home, she says, I was an embarrassment.  We stopped on the way to walk up a hill to a famous battle site – Flodden, where the English and Scots fought in 1513 so 500th anniversary this year.  She wasn’t pleased that I leapt out of the car before her (she says it was lucky I was still attached to the seat belt!), pulled cos I was raring to go, did a big poo at the top of the hill then afterwards jumped in the car boot which was full of luggage and shopping.  I was supposed to get in the back seat again.  Wouldn’t have mattered so much but there were other people around – so, I was in the dog house for the rest of the journey.  I went to sleep so I couldn’t get into any more bother.  Who says I don’t have brains?

2013-05-05 20.25.17 2013-05-05 20.21.21

Me and Ben, me and Leesa

I may not be stupid after all

What a weekend this has been – I’m exhausted with all the change.  Yesterday my mum had a personal trainer come teach us how to have a calm walk on the lead, no more pulling.  I always thought my mum liked my enthusiastic dash down the path and over the gate then me tugging her along.  Apparently not.  It exhausts her and she’s frightened she’ll fall over or I’ll escape.  Wow, I didn’t know dogs weren’t supposed to do that!

We did some exercises in the house – letting my mum go through doors first, which is only polite, and having the lead put on me without getting over-excited.  Then we went out and the three of them – the trainer, Irish aunt and my mum – walked up and down a bit of the street till I was so confused I had to watch them all the time to keep up.  Next it was doing the same on the lead with fast steps, slow steps, figures of eight and sudden stops.  Phew, it was hard work and I really had to concentrate.  Afterwards I was bushed.  The trainer said what I did was the equivalent of an hour running.  I didn’t know that.



My mum was a bit worried this morning that I may have forgotten but I’m a more intelligent dog than that and I showed her!  I was polite at doorways, didn’t make a fuss about the lead and walked nicely down the path, let her go out of the gate first (see, polite) and strut my stuff for her in the street.  I was desperate to have a good sniff in the bushes but was tugged back – then my mum got the message and took me over herself.  Apparently that’s the way it’s supposed to be – I focus on her (or the Irish aunt who got trained as well) and then she decides what I can do.  That’s ok, may not have to think so much in future!

The trainer said I learnt fast.  I may not be stupid after all.