Island life

Went on a long trip today but was praised for being such a good passenger, fastened into the back seat.

Mum and I went on a pilgrimage to Holy Island* on the north Northumberland coast to visit friends.  At first I thought I was going to the beach, peering out the window at everything.  Then I settled down for the journey until I smelt sand and seawater aromas coming in the car window.  We had arrived and there was an enormous beach with sea in the distance.

We had lunch outside in the sun and I said hello to all the dogs – Dalmation, Labrador, spaniels, greyhound and others – who were there with their mums and dads.  After that we went for a walk round the island, through the churchyard and my mum fastened me in the entrance to the church while she had a look inside.

My pilgrimage to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Info on the island:

On the way back to the cottage she bought me a new toy and I gave it a good chew before the journey home.  Now I’m pooped.