I loves my mum


I am published…

I am published…in a book, a real book with hard back covers!  It’s from Mak, telling the story about how he wuvs me, that I am the wisest of dogs, that I taught him how to play on the beach, that let him share my pussum in exchange for him lounging on my sofa and playing with my furry cushions.

My book

My book

Actually, he can have the pussum,  aka THE CAT.  She likes him much more than she loves me.

She makes a point of appearing when he comes to visit when all she shows me is disdain and, sometimes, a hiss.

My mum was so touched about what Mak wrote, cos on the last page he confesses that it’s she that he loves more most – more than me.  Don’t know quite how to take that.

Mind I love her more than anything as well – except perhaps the beach, the sprog, the Irish cousin, dog biscuits, the sofa and, of course, Mak.