We heard the fridge door open…



I take the lead


We were out for such a long time this morning – breakfast in our favourite café (bits of sausage for me) then food shopping (tuna and sardines, hope I get a sample) for Marley.  When I got a whiff that we were homeward bound I decided to take the lead.  I’m very good at this and know the way.  We were back in no time at all.

We inhabit the summerhouse

Starting to sit more in the summerhouse but it was a brief sojourn today.  A bit chilly, even in there.  My mum could have closed the door but Marley was firmly on her knee and she doesn’t like to move him.  That’s fine until she her knee seizes up and she can’t feel her toes!  Cleo stayed outside, miaowing loudly.  But when does she ever do anything else?  Haven’t a clue what she wants most of the time.

I make my needs very clear – a helpless look means ‘feed me’, spinning around trying to catch my tails says it’s time for a run, retreating to the tiled hallway indicates I’m hot and my head on my mum’s knee tells her I want cuddles.  Couldn’t be plainer – and she calls me thick!

It’s true, I’ve lost my bed!

Woe, woe and thrice woe!  That cheeky Marley has not given up possession of my bed, MY bed.  Not happy having it all to himself for the weekend, he’s still in residence now I’m home.  I had a brief nap in it after the beach but I went to see what my mum was doing in the kitchen (making bread, marzipanning a Christmas cake, no snacks for dogs…) and when I come back – there he is, IN MY BED.

My mum does not see the seriousness of it and stands there taking photos and sniggering instead of helping me take back ownership.  Says I’m bigger than him and could either shift him or get in beside.  Cuddle up with Marley?  Me?  I’m frit!

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Am I homeless?

Suspicious goings-on back home while I’m at bootcamp this weekend.  I hear that Marley has taken over my bed, claiming possession is nine-tenths of the paw!  Mum has  warned him I’ll be back tomorrow and will be most upset if I’m homeless.

So, get out of my bed, Marley Cat!  You have the free run of house; are allowed on chairs, sofas and human beds so shift your silvery butt!