I’ve done it now…

Never known my mum so mad.  I’m locked away in the back room with my bed and a bowl of water, no biscuits, no loves.

The morning didn’t start well: my mum isn’t sleeping cos her back is hurting so she didn’t appreciate my enthusiastic greeting.  Or pulling on the lead.  Or trying to cross the road ahead of her.  Or losing my Chuck It ball.  Or getting sticky stuff on my head.

No, I kept the best till we arrived at the bowling green.  I’ve done a few runs then decide I need to relieve myself – against someone’s bowling bag.  If my mum hadn’t shrieked I doubt if any of the players would have noticed.  She was incandescent.

I was marched home peremptorily.  As we walked back it started to rain.  I expect that will wash the bowling bag…


Sticky stuff on my head.


Shocked my mum

Shocked my mum just now by turning back on our walk.  Ran for the ball a couple of times in the park but it’s so grey, wet and miserable even I didn’t want to be out in it.  Says she’s never seen me do that before.

img_8070Now I’m tucked up nice and warm in my bed wearing my SurfDog* robe, a clean towel under me and the radiator full blast.

Marley, however, has been in-out, in-out all morning and actually caught a mouse before 9am!  He’s soaking wet and won’t be dried.

Expect he’ll inveigle himself onto my mum’s knee to dry off; she hates that, the cold wet paws and tummy.

I’m a good boy, love being towelled and adore getting toasty in my tailored Aussie robe.

*   http://www.surfdoguk.com/