Shocked my mum

Shocked my mum just now by turning back on our walk.  Ran for the ball a couple of times in the park but it’s so grey, wet and miserable even I didn’t want to be out in it.  Says she’s never seen me do that before.

img_8070Now I’m tucked up nice and warm in my bed wearing my SurfDog* robe, a clean towel under me and the radiator full blast.

Marley, however, has been in-out, in-out all morning and actually caught a mouse before 9am!  He’s soaking wet and won’t be dried.

Expect he’ll inveigle himself onto my mum’s knee to dry off; she hates that, the cold wet paws and tummy.

I’m a good boy, love being towelled and adore getting toasty in my tailored Aussie robe.