I am treated to cheese scone!

fullsizeoutput_650eTreat after this morning’s walk as we visit another favoured cafe, OMNI, and I am allowed to share my mum’s cheese scone.

My mum says I am very lucky boy to get anything because I was naughty earlier, pressing her up against the wall in excitement trying to get my lead as we prepared to go out.

THEN losing my Chuck It ball as we approached the cafe.  She had to backtrack to find it, leaving me tied up to a lamp post.  Nix, no ball.  Oops, I’d dropped it in the cafe and it had run under a table…

I have to say, however, the scone was nowhere near as good as the cheese scones she makes herself – not enough cheese by half.   My mum’s are FULL of cheese.

My mum’s cheese scones

Rub 75gr butter into 500gr SR flour; add 1/2 teasp mustard powder and 250gr grated strong cheese (eg Cheddar, Red Leicester); bind with 300ml milk.  Roll out on floured surface until one inch thick.  Brush with milk, sprinkle with more cheese then cut into shapes and bake for 15 minutes at 220c (200c fan).   Cool slightly, split and slather with butter.


Looks like she’s chopped sundried tomatoes into these ones.  You can add bacon, olives, chives, ooh, all sorts of savoury bits.  DROOL!

So much for Easter…

Well that was a poor weekend.  Easter they said, so I had dreams of eggs, bunnies and chocolate but did any of these appear in my dish – NONE, nothing, nix.  Not even a morsel of chicken with creamy wild mushroom sauce* which the family had for their Easter Sunday lunch.

IMG_4870Scraped their plates clean, they did, used spoons to ladle up the sauce made lovingly by my mum with garlic, white wine and these funny looking posh mushrooms handpicked by a friend: fairy ring champignons they’re called.  Didn’t even get a walk with him while he was out foraging.  I like a good forage.

I did get a lick of lemon and cream swiss roll but only because the sprog couldn’t finish her seconds.  I was very hard done by.

At least they didn’t dress me in bunny ears…


* My mum says I have to include her recipe.  Huh, how good am I – even without Easter treats?

For four: 4 skinless chicken breasts;  1 medium onion, sliced lengthways; 1 teasp crushed garlic; 2 tablesp butter or olive oil; 200gr wild mushrooms* (or sliced button/chestnut mushrooms if you don’t have a friendly forager); 100ml white wine; 100ml chicken stock; 100ml fresh cream (or 1/2 fat creme fraiche); salt and black pepper to taste; chopped parsley to finish.

Method: Melt butter/oil in a large frying pan and brown both sides of the chicken.  Move them to the edges before adding the sliced onions.  Cook until the onions are translucent then mix in the mushrooms, making sure they are covered with butter/oil before adding the wine and stock.  Bring to boil, add lid, turn down and simmer for 20 minutes until chicken is completely cooked through.  You may have to adjust the timing dependent on the size of the chicken pieces.  Once the chicken is cooked, add the cream, bring to a bubbling heat then season before serving with a sprinkle of chopped parsley.

* You can use dried mushrooms, in which case reconstitute the mushrooms in boiling water (overnight) and use the liquor in place of the chicken stock.



We go blackberrying…recipe included!

If there’s one thing I love it’s foraging.  For me that’s sniffing out all the lovely aromas in the roots of trees, making my own marks and helping my mum pick blackberries.  We can’t do it often because they P1070431are only ripe in the early autumn.  But there are lots of bushes along the waggonway which is one of my favourite walks cos it’s got lots of trees and interesting smells.

Mum says poo bags come in very handy in blackberry season as they’re dual purpose – not that she collects poo and brambles in the same bag! – so if you have a bundle in your pocket you can use one or two for collecting fruit.  She’s bagged pounds of berries this way.

IMG_0372While she’s picking I have a good explore and will occasionally drop my ball at her feet, just so she remembers I’m there, ah hem, supervising as it were.

When we get home she washes them to get the dust and spiders out then makes delicious things.  I’m not keen on jam but I will force down a bit of pie, crumble or cake if there’s any on the go.

My mum’s blackberry custard tart – multo delicioso!!


Whiz dry ingredients and butter in food processor then add enough water to make a soft, pliable dough. Press, thickly, into a 20cm flan dish.