The cat did it!

Me andP1090841 Marley are in the doghouse – not literally, we don’t have a kennel, but mum isn’t speaking to us.  Not exactly incommunicado but yelling is definitely not in the speaking range, is it?  Honestly, the cat is the main culprit.

Mum had a delivery of pet food earlier and the box was in the hall.  She unpacked the bags – expensive cat food and cat litter, nothing for me – and took the box outside to the recycling bin.

When she came back the trouble started.

P1090843Marley had scratched open a bag and helped himself!  I scuttled out of the way real quick while he took it on the chin then sauntered off.  Cats have no shame, have they?

The thing is, I then blotted my copybook at dinner by sniffing her pizza – it was only a sniff, honest – while she was out of the room getting a drink.  She caught me red nosed so then I was ‘persona dog grata’ and sent to the corner.   My toy basket is in the corner but I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to get anything out while she was so mad so I stayed there.  In shame.  It’s all the cat’s fault…