Brrr, insulation needed!

My mum sensibly put my waterproof coat on this morning before my run.  Lovely and warm in the house but -3c outdoors.  Marley went out for a quick five minutes then was scrabbling at the window to be back in.  When we set off for the park he was sitting with his paws on the window ledge – inside.

Loads of places have snow but not here.  Hope the snow comes, I love snow!




Forget snowballs…

We have snow and I’m really enjoying myself frolicking about in it.  We live on the coast of north east England so, while there is only about 15cm on the ground, there have been some fierce winds off the sea which have meant drifting and dangerous road conditions.

I was at the Irish aunt’s for a couple of days but she tripped in a pothole and sprained her ankle so I’m back with my mum who took me out into the street and wanted a snowball fight.

Normally I would chase them but I found a lovely stick…




Opened the door and it’s a winter wonderland out there – our first SNOW of the season.

The swelling has subsided on my face (you should see the HORSE PILLS I have to consume) so my mum said we could could for a proper walk.  That means togged up with halti, lead and today, cos the snow was still falling, my gorgeous red Ruffwear Aira waterproof jacket.  It was bliss, even though she said no ball in case I hurt my mouth.



Stuck indoors

Nearly May and it’s been snowing so, after a brief foray this morning, we’ve been indoors all day.  My mum has been doing some woodwork painting, I’ve played with my toys and had my dinner, plus a few sleeps.  I’m just having my post-dinner rest then I’ll forage in the toy basket again and play with my mum so she doesn’t get bored.


Home from my hols

2013-04-03 15.59.16

Wow, what a lovely time I had on my hols – riding in the back seat of the car, sniffing out loads of new territory and being fussed by loads of new people.  We had a room right near to a door so I could get outside easily and the grounds were gorgeous – masses of new smells and snow.  I love snow, catching balls of it which melt in my mouth.  We visited a village near Bradford called Saltaire, a World Heritage Site (which means it’s special) and I had a terrific romp beside the canal.

But my mum says I also have to write about how I blotted my copybook.  OK, OK, I did bark constantly the first time I was left in our room so that neighbours complained – but I was lonely and in a strange place.  After that I holed up in the car boot when my family went to eat or I sat with my mum in the leisure centre lounge while the Irish aunt and sprog went off to swim.  Also, I made muddy footprints on the carpet of our room after we’d been on a woodland walk (the towels too, but don’t say a word about them) and split my lip chasing the ball on the terrace.

Worst, I had an upset tummy ALL the time and….oops, my mum says I haven’t to spill the beans about that.  TMI – too much information.  Ok, nuff said.

If I promise to be good, will I get to go away again?

2013-04-03 16.00.28 2013-04-05 15.14.25


Let it snow, let it snow…

Never let anyone tell you that a dog’s life is all sleeping and scoffing biscuits.  My family puts me to work!  The first fall of deep snow (well,10 cm is deep for Whitley Bay), and I’m harnessed up to pull the sprog on her sled.  Only thing is, it’s two years since we had any snow deep enough for sledging and I seem to have lost the knack of how to pull a sled.  Still, lots of snow is forecast for the next week so I should get in loads of practice.