Will school not help?

Since I’ve been in the dog house for my naughty behaviour I thought it would be a good idea to get some training. But I can’t get it right.

fullsizeoutput_9d45Irish Aunt walked me again today, accompanying the Sprog part of the way to school.  Hah, a school, that’s where I can learn, I thought and attempted to follow.

But no, IA wasn’t having any of it and tugged me away.  I’m so puzzled, will school not help?

Anyway, I found a stick so that made the day better.

Forget snowballs…

We have snow and I’m really enjoying myself frolicking about in it.  We live on the coast of north east England so, while there is only about 15cm on the ground, there have been some fierce winds off the sea which have meant drifting and dangerous road conditions.

I was at the Irish aunt’s for a couple of days but she tripped in a pothole and sprained her ankle so I’m back with my mum who took me out into the street and wanted a snowball fight.

Normally I would chase them but I found a lovely stick…