This is the life

My mum has been away for a few days so I’ve been at bootcamp.  Let me tell you, I’m glad to get home to my mum for a rest!

fullsizeoutput_668dYou have no idea what it’s like: up before dawn, walking my paws off, played with by the sprog, teased by the youngest cat and taken to WORK.  WORK!  I never have a moment’s peace.

To show my appreciation I walked very nicely for my mum, didn’t pull on the lead when we went to the shops and today I was rewarded by being taken to a new cafe, Kith & Kin.  Think this will become another of our favourites because they’re dog friendly (gave me water in a big bone-shaped dish) and do avocado on sourdough toast.  My mum loves avocado on toast for breakfast

I don’t.  I’m a dog and dogs don’t eat vegetables.




Mushrooms on toast

Mmm, the aroma was divine but I got my nose slapped out of the way pretty quick.  No way, said my mum as I caught the waft from her ‘creamy woodland mushrooms with toasted sourdough bread’ in one of our dog friendly cafés, Pulp Fiction*.  Well, the table was just nose height so it was hard to resist.  At home I might get a crust when she’s finished but that’s taboo when we are out.  Non doggy people can be critical if they see dogs being fed in the same place as them.

But I did get lots of fuss from other customers and staff.  There were two other dogs, both perfectly behaved.  I like going to cafés and doing my bit for doggy PR.